Mindfulness is simple, but not always easy. Our sense perceptions and thoughts, the demands of our days, sweep us away from the present moment. Set a timer for 2 minutes and observe the breath, your natural breath as your body is breathing you, without having to change it or control it in any way.

On this day of beginning a great journey into unknowns (whether you are biking or not, we are all starting a great journey in every moment) see if you notice the breath to have a specific beginning. Explore… where does the breath start… does it even have a start… (2 minutes)

If you notice you are distracted by sound or sensation or thought, kindly invite your attention back to your breath. It might feel like you have to re-direct your attention over and over again. If this is the case, you are doing it! (You can’t get this wrong and there is no way to get it right. Also, there are no “right” answers. The point is not to find an answer. The point is to be present with what is in this moment… and this moment… and this moment…)