Diana was diagnosed with stage 4 Small-Cell lung cancer in February 2008 at the young age of 62. It practically happened overnight with no previous warning signs of her failing health. It had spread to her brain and adrenal gland. The ER doctor told us to go home and let her die, with a life expectancy of 4 months.

We refused to take that advice and pursued radiation and chemotherapy options. Her whole life had been dedicated to her three daughters and her husband. She was a vibrant, amazing, and memorable woman for anyone who had the lucky opportunity to cross paths with her in life. Her humor and resiliency remained strong throughout the additional 3 years we had with her.

As she was on the way to the hospital to meet her first grandchild, she told everyone that “this moment has made all of this treatment worth it.” She got to meet and hold her grandson.

She passed away peacefully 11 weeks later, surrounded by her family. Her vibrancy and social attitude live on now in her 8 grandchildren who affectionately talk about their “Do Do” as if she is still around. And she is, every day, in our hearts and our thoughts.