“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.” -Amit Ray

Soon after reading the first mindfulness post and making the transition to his home office, my husband told me he started “LISTENING” to his breath when he sat down at his desk in the morning and also scattered throughout his workday.
His phrasing intrigued me.
Normally I “watch” the breath… “bring awareness to” the breath… “observe where in my body I feel” the breath… “notice its quality and tone”. But the natural breath is so quiet and subtle, almost silent. How might it be different to “LISTEN”? In yoga philosophy, direct experience is one of three kinds of knowledge so try this on yourself. Spend a few minutes observing or watching your breath. Notice the sensations… the quality, rate and rhythm.
Next, tune your ears inward and spend a few minutes listening to the breath. This may seem impossible, initially, but keep at it lightheartedly. Bravo if you can actually hear it! But… that’s not the point. The real goal of the practice is tuning the senses toward the more subtle and noticing how that changes your experience. The real goal of the practice is tapping into the subtle to find refuge and restoration in present moment awareness

May you find refuge today.
Jess Stevens, curating mindfulness for Isabella