We will be following what’s known in cycling circles as the “Southern Tier” route across the United States, starting at Ocean Beach in San Diego, California and finishing in St. Augustine, Florida.

We will pass over the southern Sierras and the Tecate Divide at the In-Koh-Pah Pass and then skirt the Mexican border through the southern deserts before riding up to Phoenix. From there, we pass over the Continental Divide at the 8228 ft Emory Pass in New Mexico and across the vast plateaus of western Texas before reaching the Texas Hill Country on our way into Austin. From Austin we drop down to Houston and then follow the long flat coastal route for the entire length of the Deep South. Despite several thousand feet of total elevation gain in the first two stages, this is the flattest, shortest and (hopefully) warmest of the routes across the country.

The Route

We have broken the ride into 10 stages, 7 of which involve a “rest” day in between. We start our journey to Jacksonville , FL in San Diego, CA stopping in Phoenix (AZ), El Paso (TX), Del Rio (TX),  Austin (TX),  Houston (TX),  Crowley/Lafayette (LA), New Orleans (LA), Pensacola (FL), and Tallahassee (FL) before finishing in Jacksonville/St Augustine (FL).

The Ride Support

velofix ride support

We are thrilled to be supported on the ride by Paul Dunlap and Adam Spahr from Velofix. Adam and Paul are both long time riders from the San Diego area and have been supporting cross country riders for the past 4 1/2 years. Paul has been crew chief for two successful races across the West and has supported every ride/race in San Diego County for the past few years.

The Bike

Ventum Bicycles

Ventum has graciously provided two bikes for the ride.

Joining the Ride

Please contact me at info@bikebreathebelieve.org if you would like to join us along the way as either biker or support or would like to be included in the events we will be hosting in San Diego, Phoenix, El Paso, Austin, Houston, Lafayette, New Orleans, Pensacola and Jacksonville.