Sometimes in life there are coincidences that reconfirm that the universe is unfolding as it should and today we had one of those experiences. We biked about 85 miles to Savannah, through more marshy landscapes filled with gigantic southern live oaks and remnants of American’s colonial roots and revolutionary war history. We passed hundreds of commemorative plaques along the way but the sign that caught our eye was one that read “Smallest Church in American”. We quickly braked and backtracked to get a view of this church and say a prayer and in a bizarre twist of fate, there was an international camera crew just outside the tiny church documenting the fact that it is the ONLY church currently open for prayer in Georgia. They were fascinated by our story and mission to spread lung cancer awareness and took the time to record our story to circulate with media in Europe and beyond. Given how difficult it has been to raise awareness during this time, this was a gift from heaven and reconfirmed that even when I don’t fully understand God’s plan, the universe is unfolding as it should.

To complete the series of coincidences, I searched tonight for the roots of that expression and learned that it comes from a beautiful, wisdom-filled poem by Max Ehrmann called Desiderata. The poem offers the perfect salve to a world sickened by coronovirus and so I have copied the link for all to read ( And as the poem intimates, each of us has been positioned in this world at this particular time and place to fulfill our indispensable role in eternity.