Michael fought his battle with EGFR-mutant lung cancer with unwavering bravery, strength, positivity, and determination. He battled back from one terrifying obstacle after another yet never lost his courage, never once gave up the fight…till it was clear these past few days that there was nothing more that could be done.

Since his diagnosis in April 2018 Mike quietly but powerfully used his place in the pharma and biotech world to actively further Exon 20 research with a promising compound. I have been told his efforts have already impacted some of you. Despite his many life accomplishments, Mike was humble to the core and remained so all the days of his life. He, as I, would want you all to keep fighting this fight. Staying as positive as you can. He was your silent cheerleader.

Michael Suesserman leaves behind our two beautiful children who have showered him with the immense love and pure grace he showered upon them every day of his life. He passed from this world as I held him in my arms, in our home, with our children beside him. Our homes are irreparably broken as we grieve the death of the man who was the sun around whom our lives revolved. The light he shines on us cannot be dimmed and will continue to light our way.
I may be down in this fight as I mourn my beloved husband and try to move through the coming days and weeks of agonizing and unrelenting grief, but I am not out. Mike would want me to continue to fight in his memory and for all of you. All of us. Warriors, spouses, children, parents, caregivers. Don’t let any sadness you may feel defeat you; channel Mike’s spirit and let it strengthen you.