I spent the first 10 minutes of my day in “legs up the wall” pose, hands clasped behind my head, experiencing gravity… the Earth’s weighty pull on my body. Mostly I noticed the tightness in my chest muscles. Perhaps I’ve been slumping a bit more recently, body curled toward laptop or phone. Perhaps the external tightening is a manifestation of several layers of internal constriction, body expressing something that is beneath mind’s eye.

This short foray into present-being, without judgement, offers the opportunity for discovery. And then, more curiosity. And possibly, kind action. There is so much information out there right now about how to boost the immune system, reduce stress, get better sleep, stay connected. Perhaps one important step we are missing is the connecting with ourselves and the clues that might be found therein. Like small ways in which we may soothe the sense of constriction… a light stretch, perhaps. Not to make anything go away. But to gently tend that which is requesting it.

Be well. Be present.
Jess Stevens (writing mindfulness for Isabella)