“We can think our way out of feeling fear, but the price tag is that disconnection from ourselves leads to disconnection from those we love. When we turn away from fear we turn away from the deep and precious parts of ourselves… What if we spend this time learning to be with uncertainty and fear, learning to reach for each other? How would the world look when we emerge?”

Friend and psychotherapist Dr Sharon Chatkupt Lee recently started blogging about the impact of social distancing on our relationships. She offers this practice:

Find a time when the light is dim and look into the eyes of someone important to you. Perhaps someone you would like to feel a bit closer to. Look into those eyes and let them look into yours. Breathe. Let your eyes and hearts do their work. If you want to say something, keep it simple. Say, β€œI am scared.” Eyes, heart, breath. See what happens next. If your beloved offers anything fast, solving, fixing or dismissing, try taking their hand. Tell them, β€œIt’s ok, I just want you to be with me here. Will you hold me?” Fewer words, more eyes, heart, breath.

Do the best you can. Keep it simple. Three words are better than a paragraph. Eyes. Holding hands. Go slow. See if you can carve out space where there is nothing to solve and you can be. Let yourself feel what you feel and then share it.

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