This line, from a song made famous in 1959 by Dinah Washington, Queen of the Blues, ran constantly through my head today. The first stanza describes perfectly our day as compared to yesterday: “What a difference a day made, Twenty-four little hours, Brought the sun and the flowers, Where there used to be rain.” Yes, it was cloudy but to us, after yesterday, it was a beautiful day. Not an easy day though. It was fake news when I announced that the Texan hills ended in Austin. They are alive and well south and east of Austin on the broad sweep we made today in order to circumvent Houston. We climbed 3745 ft on very rough roads. So today, like yesterday, was an exhausting day.
I’ve given motivation talks before and a common theme that I always come back to is the idea that “a day is just a day“ —it is innately neither good nor bad. Good and bad are just labels that individuals choose to put on their personal experience that day. It is each person’s choice how to label their day, even a tough or disappointing one can be construed as a good day. And so, even acknowledging that today was not easy, it was a very good day and I sincerely hope that everyone reading this, despite all that is going on in the world today, is able to find some good in their personal day. With love, Isabella