As I rest and recover in my parents’ home in Crowley, Louisiana I am surrounded by indicators that Easter is right around the corner and reminded that Christians all over the world are currently experiencing Lent, a special 40 day period of reflection, fasting and penance in preparation for Easter. Today I would like to offer a special practice for people of all faith denominations that I have found helpful in my own life and that I practice daily. It is both a physical and mental exercise in which the intention is to release all negative feelings—all anger, frustration, fear, and suffering and replenish our hearts and souls with positive thoughts, love, compassion and hope. It is a simple exercise and certainly an appropriate one to prepare for Easter or any other day of the year for that matter.

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and raise your arms above your head as high as you can. Take a deep breath in and exhale as you fold forward with soft knees, letting your hands drop to the floor. As you exhale imagine exhaling any and all negative thoughts in your mind and body. Rise up with a big inhale and imagine as you do that you are inhaling new life, hope, love and compassion and filling your body and mind with these feelings. Repeat this 10 times exhaling strongly as you fold forward and inhaling deeply as you rise up. Think of these as body prayers. I promise you will feel physically and spiritually uplifted at the end. A beautiful way to start and end each day.
With love, Isabella ❤️