We biked a glorious 100 miles today continuing our journey east through Acadiana, that part of Louisiana consisting of 22 parishes that was historically home to the state’s Francophone population, les Acadiens or Cajuns. And so today’s blog pays tribute to one of the most unique cultures in the United States—Cajun culture.
Cajun refers to the French people who settled in eastern Canada and then migrated from Canada to Louisiana when the British pushed them out in the 1700’s. They spoke a form of the French language that has evolved over the years into a patois of French and English. Cajuns were and continue to be primarily Catholic, and the traditional livelihoods of farming and fishing continue to be popular. Cajun food is world renowned for dishes such as jambalaya, gumbo, etouffe and boudin. Boiled shrimp, crawfish and crabs are also very popular when in season and rice is a staple. Cajun music is accordion and fiddle-based and many songs have Cajun French lyrics. The Cajun people are known to be hospitable, fun-loving and happy and indeed Lafayette, the heart of Acadiana, is known as the happiest city in the USA. There are many Cajun expressions used in every day parlance but my personal favorite is Lache Pas Las Patate—translated literally as don’t let go of the potato and idiomatically as Never Give Up!! In addition to posting pics of beautiful Acadiana, today’s post also includes a few tidbits of Cajun culture. Enjoy and Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler—Let the good times roll!!

My Favorite Cajun Tune: https://youtu.be/sdnr2QEMS4E

A Cajun Fais-Do-Do: https://youtu.be/7XQV_U4XOnk

– Isabella