A few days ago a friend asked me if I had made my peace with the wind that has plagued our journey since day 1. We rode 124 miles today from New Roads to Bogalusa with the wind very aggressively moving us either sideways or backwards so I had plenty of time to contemplate that question and my relationship with the wind.
For me, the wind is like a frustration that just won’t go away. It’s the child or spouse who doesn’t do what you would like or keeps pushing your buttons, the chronic illness that you have to live with, basically any recurring annoyance that you cannot control. So the issue is how to find peace with such frustrations. I don’t think that there is just one answer but I can offer ideas that, with practice, might help. The first is to recognize what you can and can’t control and don’t waste any energy trying to control what is not within your control—that will only increase your frustration. Just as I cannot control the wind, you cannot control the words or actions of others no matter how much they frustrate you. The only thing you can control is your reaction. And just as the wind’s blowing is not personal to me, so you cannot take the words and actions of others personally—even when it feels like it is targeted at you. Most importantly, try to be mindful of your reaction to the wind or frustration and ask yourself whether your reaction is serving you i.e.—does it make you feel better or worse. Getting angry or agitated doesn’t help—find a way to change those negative reactions to positive reactions. With the wind, I think about how much stronger I am because I’ve had to contend with it and I am grateful to the wind for this strength. All people and things that challenge you make you stronger. You would not be the person you are without those adversities. Think of the frustrations in your life as God’s way of helping you grow stronger and wiser. This line of thinking has helped me make my peace not only with the wind but with the people in my life who frustrate me and even with my lung cancer. I hope it will help you find peace with your frustrations as well. Namaste. – Isabella