I rode today with David and our friend Bob and it made what otherwise would have been a tough day relatively painless. We moved as a pack, with David blocking the wind, me drafting behind David and Bob pulling up the rear and tasked with the most important role—letting us know when the 18 wheelers were bearing down. We changed up positions every now and then but I was the lucky one who managed to be in the middle the entire time.

We were heavily supported in spirit by two other groups today—my Princeton classmates who, led by dear friend Katheryn Kemp-Griffin, participated in a Facebook live group meditation in support of our ride and by my biking friends from Cadence in Philly who rode today on their respective home trainers to be with us virtually. I felt enveloped in love and support all day and blown away by how much easier everything is when we all come together.
With tremendous gratitude,