Happy April 1st!! I will share the funniest sign I passed today in hopes of putting a smile on your faces. We passed a church coming into Austin and the large sign in front said: Even Moses was once a basket case. It certainly made me laugh and filled me with hope ?

The ride today was, once again, mainly on roads lined with beautiful wild flowers and acres and acres of farmland and graze land. We passed a number of herds of Texas Longhorns, which are just really cool, as well as everything from poppy farms to olive orchards to vineyards, peach orchards and even a few breweries. The hills never ended though, right up to our destination, a beautiful apartment facing the State capital building loaned to us by the family of my good friend and college classmate Carolyn Barber. We are deeply grateful to have such a beautiful safe haven in Austin.

As far as my treatment, I will have a FaceTime appointment with my doctor at MSK tomorrow, my medicine is being overnighted to Austin and my scans postponed for a few weeks. I am very lucky to be on a treatment that allows this kind of flexibility as many people with cancer would have no other option but to go to a medical facility or skip treatment—neither a good option at this time.

So our arrival in Austin marks the end of Stage 4 of our journey as well as the end of hills. The remainder of the Southern Tier bike route doesn’t even show elevation as there is no elevation to speak of. As hard as they were it is a bit sad that they are all now behind us.

Our path ahead is uncertain—nothing new about that! We will take it one day at a time. For the moment we will celebrate having gotten this far. Cheers!

– Isabella @ Austin, Texas