“There are little beauties everywhere. We just have to look for them… Everything always leads to something else and when you feel sad and empty and like it all means nothing, you might look out and see two shopping carts and you might remember: I just have to look, listen, and tell the truth and the beauty will be there. That’s what beauty hunting is.”
– Jennifer Pastiloff

Author Jennifer Pastiloff coined the term beauty hunting to describe the active process of looking for beauty, especially in simple things like the wafts of steam swirling up off a mug of tea, the smell of your child’s hair, the warm smile between strangers, the way dew magically appears on the grasses in the morning. These are things we miss or take for granted when we speed through our days, trying to get everything done, lost in our thoughts.

Make an intention for beauty hunting today. Each time you remind yourself of your intention, you bring yourself into the present moment and into relationship with the small gifts to be found there.