Day 13: In Memory of Diana Ogden

Diana was diagnosed with stage 4 Small-Cell lung cancer in February 2008 at the young age of 62. It practically happened overnight with no previous warning signs of her failing health. It had spread to her brain and adrenal gland. The ER doctor told us to go home and let her die, with a life expectancy of 4 months. We [...]

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Day 12: In Memory of Edwin Feldman

My father, Ed Feldman died on the operating table just a few weeks after his 60th birthday from lung cancer. A smoker much of his life, he was the friendliest guy around. A complicated man, he went back to his first love of being an optometrist. I am sad he never got to meet his grandsons. I am honored that [...]

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Day 11: In Memory of Dorothy Smith Mullen

Dorothy Smith Mullen, an environmental, food, and healthcare activist, died in hospice care at home in Princeton on March 15. She was 64. Dorothy was a teacher of gardeners young and old, the founder of The Suppers Programs, and the producer of her own end-of-life educational program she dubbed “Dying Dor’s Way: Radically real spiels on the end of life.” [...]

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Day 5: In Memory of Angelo G. Iannone

Angelo was a loving, generous father, son and brother who was taken too soon by this deadly disease. He fought hard and remained hopeful and he will forever be loved and remembered not only for his courage and strength during his illness but also for his love of life and his family throughout his entire life.

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Day 4: In Memory of Shirley Leonpacher

My mom Shirley Leonpacher, and I'm going to include both her siblings, AJ and Jack, all died within two years of one another of the same type of lung cancer. That was 1998. Then we lost my brother in 2012, same cancer. Thank you Isabella for this ride for early detection. I don't get a prolonged cough nowadays without asking [...]

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Day 3: In Memory of Diana Ogden

My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 small cell lung cancer when she was 61 years old. When she was diagnosed it had already metastasized to her brain as well as other places. She fought and never complained for close to 3 years. She was able to meet her first grandchild shortly before passing away at the early age of [...]

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Day 2: In Memory of Kathleen Matthews

Kathleen Matthews was a loving wife, a caring mother to her six “Wonderful Kids” and the best grandmother of 19 you could ever imagine. She was diagnosed with lung cancer in March of 2011 and died in December of that year. She loved family, and is remembered for her kindness, selflessness and razor-sharp wit. And she taught us a life-long [...]

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Day 1: In memory of Michael Faketty

In Memoriam: Michael Faketty We are deeply saddened to share a message of loss with our Padres Pedal community. On September 28, Mike Faketty, retired-Navy SEAL, Ironman Kona finisher, Padres Pedal Road Warrior and lung cancer fighter passed away at the age of 65. Mike was a warrior in every sense of the word, having fought for our country for [...]

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