My Dad, Thomas Dekko, passed away from lung cancer at 75 years young in 2002.

He was my biggest fan in life and made me (and all my siblings) believe that we could do anything…that opportunity in life was limitless and barriers are just something to jump over or take down for ourselves and others.

He grew up on a small farm 5 hours north of Mpls, MN. He loved life and had a ball with mom, raising our family of 4 kids, helping to build Super Valu Inc from $50 million to $16 billion, and launching the Minnesota Kicks and Chico’s MN. As a true Norwegian, he loved skiing and I will be forever grateful for passing that love onto me.

Thank you Dad. I miss you and despite the fact that 18 years have passed, I can hear your deep, resonant laugh and feel your warm embrace every day of my life.