It was 2.4 years ago (being 38 years old) when I got my diagnosis for non small cell lung cancer and bone metastasis, #hope was the only thing i was thinking and feeling when the C-word came into my life.

#hope was what gave me the strength to continue through 2 target therapy #tarceva and #tagrisso, immunotherapy (keytruda), 2 sets of radiation (for bone cancer lesions) and now more than 10 sessions of #chemo. I’m kind of losing count…

Today, I’m working every day on getting stronger and keeping that hope alive. I’m still receiving chemo every 3 weeks and don’t think will be stopping any time soon…doctors hope for a new medicine, if this stops working.

I can’t complain, I’m still sort of active, manage to work full time and barely clean the house when needed, sneak in couple walks when energy and pain is not on my way.

Life could be worse.

I’m married to a phenomenal guy, that has put up with all this BS and for that I’m Grateful (JJ rocks). My pups, Cinnamon & Mace, I don’t know where I will be without them.

My family, my parents Chochi & Patricio and my 2 siblings Pato & Florencia and their kids have been my rock.

And that is me…