We biked a glorious 104 miles today— a true gift from Mother Nature. The wind was behind us, the sun was above us, the temperature brisk and we only had 3000 ft of climbing. While yesterday’s 75 miles felt like 500, today’s 104 felt like 50. Gotta respect Mother Nature!!

We crossed into New Mexico today and didn’t see any signs of humanity for miles on end. Just exquisitely beautiful countryside replete with blooming wild flowers and even a few cherry blossoms. To the extent I had any preconceived idea about what “biking across America” would be like—today was that. Yea!!!

We continue to take extraordinary measures to social distance to protect ourselves and others. Social media is really our only way of messaging the facts of lung cancer now, and we can’t lose sight of how important it is to share those facts. Please read the dedications and information about lung cancer that we post daily. Today we are sharing an incredible video from A Breath of
Hope Lung Foundation of the stories and statistics behind the changing face of lung cancer, which is alarmingly and increasingly common among female non-smokers.

With tremendous gratitude for this beautiful day, your love and support and life itself,
Isabella @ Arizona / New Mexico State Line