Nothing lasts for ever—neither the good nor the bad —and today we experienced that lesson through a bizarre and diverse range of weather and scenery.

The day started a bit like day 1—in the pouring rain. After a few hours the rain became a trickle and the wind gusty and barely manageable. The headwind made forward progress slow indeed even with David and Jimmy riding along side to protect me moving forward was really tough. As we made our way into the sandy dunes of California desert we found ourselves in a sand storm—who knew you could experience a Sahara like sandstorm in California?? We were finally joined by the sun which dried us out and provided the most amazing rainbow ever!!

We had lunch crammed into our two support vehicles trying to stay out of the wind. After lunch the road ahead took a turn and we experienced the best tailwind ever! We taked about flying into our destination city of Blythe. And then unforeseen by all except the weather man who had called for flash flooding in the desert a storm came upon us dumping huge amounts of rain and quickly flooding out roads. We finally made it to Blythe just as the lightening arrived. So lucky!! So applying this lesson to a world that seems to be crashing before our eyes—remember that nothing lasts forever and this too shall pass. Day 4 is starting and the sun is out!!

– Isabella