Today was our easiest day yet—a welcome gift from nature :) We started the day though with 30 miles on I-10 with semis rolling by at 75 mph. We had a nice wide shoulder though with a dividing line separating us and them and while some among us used the expression “this is so scary” I personally was reminded of my relationship with my cancer. In terms of the highway, I was perfectly content to coexist with the cars and trucks so long as they stayed in their lane and I stayed in mine. We received a few friendly thumbs up and a few horns and all made our way down the highway—peacefully coexisting. And this is the way I like to think about my cancer. My cancer and I can coexist—I don’t feel the need to wage a war on it with all the physical and emotional stress that would bring. In fact, to the extent I am a warrior, I am a peaceful warrior. I have made my peace with the cancer that exists in my body and have tried to set some ground rules for us to follow. I will obviously use the treatments available to me to keep my cancer from crossing the line so to speak but will use those treatments without anger or sadness about my situation. I strive to be grateful for all the wonderful people who have come into my life as a result of my cancer. In many ways maybe cancer and I make a good team and so long as we don’t try to annihilate each other perhaps we can coexist for a very long time. And the best part of riding along side the semis today—an incredible draft!!

– Isabella